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  • Guerilla MMA Team

    Guerilla MMA Team

    GUERILLA MMA TEAM is Toronto, Ontario’s fastest growing Mixed Martial Arts training facility. Conveniently located in the Oakwood neighborhood, GUERILLA MMA TEAM offers members and new clientele an unforgettable fighting art experience.

  • Team RKS

    Team RKS

    Team RKS/Robinson’s Karate Schools have been serving Newmarket, Ontario and surrounding communities since 1991 when we opened our first location. We have since expanded to four locations including Aurora, Bolton and Barrie (Team LKS), and will continue our growth through the next few years.

  • Team LKS

    Team LKS

    At Team LKS/Lewis Karate School in Barrie, Ontario, our school objective is to teach martial arts in a safe, clean and friendly environment. We are a family based school that looks at meeting the individual needs of our student base.

  • SIMMS KnockDown Mixed Martial Arts

    SIMMS KnockDown Mixed Martial Arts

    SIMMS KnockDown Mixed Martial Arts, located in Moncton, New Brunswick, offers training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Men’s and Women’s Kickboxing, Chinese Kung-Fu, Kids and Adults Kyokushin Karate, and Full MMA classes! Your first class is always free.

  • Combat Asylum

    Combat Asylum

    Combat Asylum is a premier, exclusive, sport facility located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Ontario. We offer Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, physical and mental conditioning. Our classes range from Beginner to Advanced and include 1 on 1 or group sessions.

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  • Tristar MMA

    Tristar MMA

    Welcome to Tristar Gym !  Since 1991, TRISTAR is the Québec’s best known Martial Arts Center! Home of Champions, TRISTAR welcomes people of all skill levels to train in a friendly and competitive environment.

  • Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

    Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

    Welcome to GAMMA, Downtown Montreal’s Premier Martial Arts Center!  Our amazing facility offers over 8,000 sq, ft. of training space, including grappling mats, punching bags, cardio machines, boxing ring, conditioning equipment…everything you need for top level training.

  • Xtreme Couture MMA Toronto

    Xtreme Couture MMA Toronto

    XTREME COUTURE – Canada’s Largest MMA Training Facility in Etobicoke, Ontario!

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