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We are all about mixed martial arts gyms in Canada.  Search, find & review MMA gyms in Canada now!

Find MMA Gyms continues to grow out of its love for the art & sport of mixed martial arts.  Our site is all about bringing together the mixed martial arts (MMA) gym, school & training community into one portal.

The birth of Find MMA Gyms started in the United States of America with the launch of www.findmmagym.com to serve the much needed MMA gym and training community in America.  With the success and popularity of Find MMA Gyms USA, we launched www.findmmagym.ca (Find MMA Gyms Canada) to meet the demand & growth of MMA in Canada.

Again, FindMMAGym.CA is all about mma gyms, schools and training facilities in Canada.

We strive to be the #1 source for MMA gym information and reviews in Canada.   Please feel free to browse around and search for your local MMA gym.  If you are a member of an MMA gym in your neighborhood, please don’t forget to leave an honest review about your gym. It’s a fast, easy & fun way to support your local MMA gym in Canada!

Thank you!

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