Black Devil MMA

Address: 296 Brunswick Ave. Toronto, ON M5S 2M7
Phone: (647) 352-4568
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At Black Devil MMA, Toronto’s new and highly anticipated Mixed Martial Arts gym, you’ll learn the quintessential disciplines used by most champions within the sport: Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing. Our curriculum insures you’re not only a well rounded athlete, but confident and competent wherever a fight takes you.

Young, cutting-edge, and highly decorated coach Danny ‘The Drop Bear’ Beauclerc will help you achieve any goal you put forward. Whether you’re looking to get in the greatest shape of your life, learn a solid system of self defence, or compete in the world’s top organizations like ‘UFC’ or ‘Dream’, he can get you there!

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Gym Reviews(3)

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  1. m3 says:

    I decided to stay away from Black Devil MMA in Toronto, after the FALSE assertions made by it’s representative.

  2. ab says:

    Great gym and great people. Small class sizes and one-on-one focused training.

  3. Danny Beauclerc says:

    As for the first comment, we (Black Devils), made a very calm and cool effort to give the gentleman all the info he needed. Because he refused to stop by the gym and speak to us personally, there was an issue of broken telephone and some general miscommunications. It wasn’t our intent to mislead him, and his attitude was over aggressive and uncalled for from the get go.

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