Gamma MMA Fitness Academy

Address: 1885 Clements Rd, Unit 236 Pickering, ON L1W 3V3
Phone: 416-768-7758
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Located in Pickering, Ontario, Gamma Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Academy, Inc., is the best new MMA gym. We teach advanced techniques at beginner level and produce fast physical transformations for all our students. Our goal is to meet our students’ individual purpose and exceed their expectations. The Gamma MMA self-defense fitness system is tried and true so come check us out anytime!

Garry Magbitang is a mixed martial arts, conditioning and fitness trainer who operates the Gamma MMA Fitness Academy. He developed his own hybrid martial arts system. In 2008, Garry integrated his knowledge, skill, and experience in natural bodybuilding with wrestling,  jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, judo, karate and jeet kune do. Gamma Self-Defense System was born. His first academy was opened in April 2010. Today, Garry recruits modern-day gladiators and develops new ways to improve his system.


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Gym Reviews(3)

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  1. I trained under Gamma’s founder, Garry Magbitang, for almost five years. It was through his intense, out-of-the-ordinary training that I became the top personal trainer in my jurisdiction. Truly amazing, honourable experience for me! If you really want to be on top of your game and become the best you can be, go to Garry at Gamma MMA. PEACE!

  2. The best BEAST training you will ever get!

  3. Ulmat Koryen says:

    Got big, hard and strong. Faster than average. Garry’s the only strength and conditioning trainer who raised the bar more than a level and some– Thanks Garry and Gamma MMA Fitness for producing the results and changing my life!

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