Undisputed Martial Arts

Address: 127 Sunrise Ave, Unit 3 Toronto, ON M4A 1A9
Phone: (647) 351-8343
Email: Contact by Email
Website: http://www.undisputedmma.ca
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At Undisputed Martial Arts in Toronto, our Mission is to improve our members’ lives through the teaching of Martial Arts with the purposes of Fitness, Sport and Self Defence. We pride ourselves in the positive community we have established under the guidance of Kru Archie Luz and our other esteemed and expertly skilled instructors. We offer instruction in Muay Thai, Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Kali/FMA and Kettlebell Conditioning training. Join us and experience how Martial Arts can improve your way of life, through our carefully selected programs. We guarantee that you will be challenged to a fun, fulfilling and enriching experience.

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