Tristar MMA

Address: 5275 Rue Ferrier, #301 Montréal, QC H4P 1L7
Phone: 514-343-0148
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Welcome to Tristar Gym !  Since 1991, TRISTAR is the Québec’s best known Martial Arts Center! Home of Champions, TRISTAR welcomes people of all skill levels to train in a friendly and competitive environment.

Over the years, we have made every effort to provide our members with the best possible training environment and assisted them in the achievement of their individual goals. Whether they simply wanted to get in good physical condition, lose weight, learn a martial art, feel safer by learning how to protect themselves through a supervised self defense program or even pursued the career of a professional fighter, we were there every step of the way guiding, training, monitoring and empowering them.

Faithful to our promise, we are proud to introduce you our new expanded facility, with the firm belief that we will provide you with the best training experience in North America. Over 13, 500 square feet of meticulously designed space will allow you to enjoy the benefits of getting in shape while learning a valuable life skill.

TRISTAR is for everyone that wants to reach their full potential. Young or not, we promise to be there inspiring and helping all our members with unparalleled energy and passion while respecting our unique heritage.

Come and meet our expert coaches and trainers and try any or all our programs. Join us and we promise to change the quality of your life forever!

Over 13,500 square feet of modern facilities:

  • Special suspended tatamis and wooden martial art floor
  • Wide bright and spacious layout
  • Facilities for all types of combat sport and fitness
  • Over 30 punching bags of wide variety
  • 2 rings : one is a 20 ft professional boxing ring

Experienced trainers for all types of combat sports and fitness:

  • Collective classes
  • Private classes on request available

Sports shop for all your needs:

  • Wide choice of equipments
  • Juice and healthy bar

Competitions and boxing shows:

  • A 20 ft professional boxing ring


Notable Fighters:

  • Marcus Celestin
  • Thierry Quenneville
  • Stephane Vigneault
  • George St-Pierre
  • Ivan Menjivar
  • David Loiseau

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